Hong Kong Conference Call Helps Manage Your Global Supply Chain

For this type of conference call, it’s smart to use an international conferencing service that supports all of the countries involved.

Hong Kong Conference Call | In an increasingly global business world, the supply chain for manufacturers of all sizes has expanded accordingly. Whether you’re located in Hong Kong or have suppliers located there, one way to manage your global supply chain involves the use of Hong Kong conference calls.

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When Might You Need to Host a Hong Kong International Meeting?

In general, if you need to communicate with two or more international suppliers, contractors, business bankers, warehouse personnel, transport operators, port authorities, or others involved in your supply chain, holding an international conference call is one of the best choices available.

For example, you might need to host a Hong Kong conference call when a contractor in Hong Kong needs clarification on a spec and your engineers are located in another country. For this type of conference call, it’s smart to use an international conferencing service that supports all of the countries involved.

Another time you might need to host a conference call in Hong Kong might be to stay in touch with your team back home while you’re visiting the area. For example, if you’re in Hong Kong to tour manufacturing facilities and there’s a crisis back home, you could quickly initiate and schedule a conference call with key personnel no matter where in the world they may be.

If your import or export goods are being held up at the ports for some reason, holding an international conference call between your suppliers, port authorities, legal team, or other interested parties may be all that’s needed to get to the root of the problem and clear up the matter.

How Hong Kong Conferencing Works

With our international conference calling plans, the participants located in Hong Kong would join your Hong Kong conference call by dialing a local access number for Hong Kong (or a toll free number if you prefer). Meanwhile, your engineers would each be give local or toll free access numbers specific to their own countries.

By issuing regional access numbers, your participants can dial local or toll free numbers to join the Hong Kong conference call. This keeps their costs low (or non-existent) and avoids confusion. Regardless of what access number each participant dials, all calls are forwarded to a central conference room where the call takes place.

Who Pays for Hong Kong Conference Calls?

The account holder is ultimately responsible for paying for Hong Kong conference calls. Each call is billed on a per minute, per person basis based on the specific international calling costs for the countries involved. Generally speaking, toll free access will cost more than local access numbers, and “dial out” (a feature where you dial participants directly and join them to the call) is the least expensive option.

To give you an idea, as of this writing, the per minute rate for Hong Kong conference call participants is just $0.08 per minute while the per minute rate for a USA participant is less than three cents per minute ($0.026). Assuming a 10-minute conference with three participants in Hong Kong and three more in the USA, your Hong Kong conference call would cost just $3.18 — that’s just $2.40 for your Hong Kong participants and $0.78 for your USA participants), everyone dials-in to the call using the Hong Kong toll-free number and the U.S. toll-free access number. The call is billed to the main account holder, not the guests.

When it comes to managing your global supply chain, there will be challenges, issues, and conflicts that will need to be resolved promptly. Having a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan available to you at any time is a smart move.

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