Honduras Conference Calls

Tegucigalpa HondurasHonduras is currently the second poorest economy in Central America, relying largely on US trade and remittances according to the CIA World Factbook.

In 2006, the U.S.-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) went into force, a first step that may ultimately help the Honduran economy despite concerns about political instability, crime, and corruption.

If you’re a foreign investor, importer, exporter, or other business professional doing business with Honduras, conference calls should play a role in your communications plan. However, international conference calls are a little different from in-country group calls. Here’s what you need to know about hosting Honduras conference calls:

  • Providing toll free access numbers can boost your participation rate. With our Honduras conference calling service, you can issue toll free access numbers for dozens of countries around the world. This ensures that your participants can join the call at no cost to them, a key point in a country with a high poverty rate and struggling economy like Honduras. Toll free access is also appreciated by participants who wouldn’t otherwise be concerned about potential calling costs simply because dialing toll free is much easier than dialing an international number.
  • Call quality is imperative. With callers from around the globe, the quality of your audio is essential. Language barriers and heavy accents are hard enough on their own without adding in echoes, dropouts, and line noise. Our Honduras conference calls take place over a fiber optic PSTN network for the best audio quality available. This is tried-and-true technology that results in crisp, crystal clear voice communications around the globe. In contrast, VoIP technology is prone to muffled sounds, line noise, dropouts, stutters, and echoes.
  • Your Honduras conference call can originate anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be in Honduras (though you can be) in order to originate a Honduras conference call. Simply access your international conference calling account, set up the call, and invite participants from Honduras and around the globe.
  • Your Honduras conference call can include participants outside of Honduras. While your call may primarily involve attendees from Honduras, you can invite participants residing in other countries. For example, if you are holding a conference call with individuals from a Honduras manufacturing facility and would like your partners in USA, Mexico, and Australia to join the call, simply provide your partners with toll free access numbers for USA, Mexico, and Australia.

Doing business with partners in Honduras means staying in touch, and conference calls are an excellent way to do just that. Our international conferencing plans make it easy — and they’re offered at competitive rates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How are using international conferencing to communicate with external partners?

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