Greece Global Conferencing

For example, your participants in France will dial a number local to Paris or France toll free number while your participants in Denmark might dial a number local to Copenhagen.

athens greece acropolisNot sure what you need to conduct a global conference call while in Greece?

Global conferencing is a bit trickier than hosting a conference call with attendees residing in the same country, but it’s quite easy once you have the right service provider.

Here’s what you need for successful international conference calls from Greece:

  • A reliable, high quality Greece global conferencing service provider. While it may be fine to use VoIP, Google Hangouts, or Skype to communicate with loved ones overseas, you’ve likely encountered a few glitches and sound quality problems along the way. These are undesirable when hosting business conference calls. Our Greece global conferencing plan utilizes fiber optic PSTN networks for the best sound quality and reliable available — and our rates are highly competitive.
  • Any type of phone. There’s no software to download or hardware to buy. In fact, you can use virtually any type of phone including landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP phones. So can your Greece global conference call participants.

Is it really that easy to host conference calls in Greece? For the most part it is. Once you’ve signed up for a pay-as-you-go international conference calling plan, you can begin hosting conference calls in Greece and around the world. Here’s where it gets tricky: your attendees will need access phone numbers in order to join the call.

With traditional, domestic calls, everyone dials the same access number so setting up the call is a simple matter of scheduling it and sharing the start time and access number with the group.

With Greece global conference calls, you’ll have participants around the world. If you were to give them a Greek access number, many won’t join the call. Some will join, but with reservations and potential resentment about having to pay international long distance charges. Others will try to join but have trouble dialing out of their countries.

That’s where having an international conferencing plan proves invaluable. With our Greece global conferencing solution, you can host the call in Greece and issue international toll free and local access numbers to your participants.

For example, your participants in France will dial a number local to Paris or toll free while your participants in Denmark might dial a number local to Copenhagen. With each participant having a local or toll free option, your call participation rate should be much higher than if you had issued a Greece access number for the conference call.

We’re proud of our Greece global conferencing plan. It’s flexible, affordable, high quality, easy to use, and loaded with premium features such as 24/7 US-based operators, MP3 audio recording, moderator dial-out, and a free Connect App.

We offer international conferencing plans on a no-contract, pay-as-you-go basis with no cancellation penalties.

Have you ever had to host a global conference call in Greece (or anywhere else for that matter)?

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