Using International Conferencing When Importing Chinese Goods

Many importers of Chinese goods are using our international conferencing services to connect with their partners in China.

Beijing ChinaAccording to the Central Intelligence Agency, China is the world’s largest exporter with 2,252,000,000,000 worth of exports estimated in 2014.

If you intend to import Chinese goods or outsource manufacturing to China, you’ll often need to communicate with partners located in China and other ports around the world. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with an international conferencing service.

Why Do You Need an International Conferencing Service to Hold Group Calls?

If all of your partners reside within your own country, holding conference calls is simple enough. In fact, your PBX equipment can probably handle it.

However, when you expand internationally, your participants can’t easily join your conference calls because toll free numbers don’t work internationally — and most will balk at having to dial (and pay for) an international number.

With a Chinese international conference call, you can be located anywhere in the world and host a teleconference with participants in China.

For example, let’s say that you’re in Los Angeles, California and need to host a conference call with your suppliers in China. You’d dial a USA toll free number or a local LA number to access the conference call. However, your suppliers in China would not. Instead, they’ll be given local toll free access numbers specific to China.

From your suppliers’ perspective, joining your conference call would be as simple as joining any other China conference call. The access number appears local, and there’s no need for them to worry about international long distance charges.

By using an international conferencing solution that provides toll free access numbers for China, you are immediately removing barriers to communications.

The beauty of using an international conferencing service is that you aren’t just limited to USA-China conference calls. If you have participants in other countries, they too can join your conference call.

For example, those located in New Zealand will be given an access number local to New Zealand while those located in Canada will be given a Canadian access number.

Tips for Hosting a Chinese Conference Call

  • Use an international conferencing service that utilizes PSTN fiber optic networks rather than VoIP. Audio quality is of paramount importance, so be choosy about which service provider you choose. Hint: We offer HD audio quality thanks to our PSTN fiber optic network.
  • Consider a pay-as-you-go China conferencing plan. This allows for the best flexibility. You can hold as many calls (or as few) as you need to host and pay only for the time you use.
  • Consider recording your calls. Our MP3 recording feature is a great way to capture the call’s details for later review or for sharing with partners who were unable to attend the call as it took place.
  • Use the dial-out option to get even lower rates. The dial-out option is generally less expensive than providing toll free or local access. For example, you’ll save about 16 cents per minute if you dial Chinese participants with our dial-out tool compared to providing toll free access.

Many importers of Chinese goods are using our international conferencing services to connect with their partners in China.

How are you using international conferencing in China?

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International Conference Call China – China 400 Local Number does offer the China 400 Toll Free access number with the international conference call plan.

International Conference Call China 400 numbers
International Conference Call China

Are there Toll Free numbers for use inside China? Of course there are. With all of the unbelievable commerce taking place in China over the past 20 years, China has become a highly technically advanced society.  Thus, China businesses have had China Toll Free numbers for a long time.

However, there is one type of China Toll Free number that is relatively new.  It’s the China ‘400’ number.  Unlike a normal China Toll Free number, the ‘400’ number works from China Mobile phones throughout mainland China. Previous to the advent and approval by the China government of the China 400 number, China mobile phones could not access a normal China business Toll Free number.

Differences between 800 and 400 numbers in China:

800 Toll Free numbers are accessible to landline users only in both North and South China.

The China Number Type is accessible to all landline and mobile users regardless of the callers’ mainland China location or type of device used, fixed or mobile.

As mentioned, normal China Toll Free numbers cannot be accessed when the caller is using a China Mobile phone.  In addition, the traditional China Toll Free numbers are geographically specific.  Meaning that if the caller is in Northern China, they must use a North China Toll Free number.  If in South China, they need use the South China Toll Free number. does offer the China 400 access number with the international conference call plan.

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