International Conference Call Victoria, Hong Kong and Victoria, British Columbia

International conference calling was once the realm of large international companies. However, today, mid-sized and small businesses alike are doing business internationally. As their supply chains widen and their teams grow more geographically diverse, the need for international conference calls increases. Fortunately, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to hold a global conference call.

Victoria, Canada

For example, let’s say you operate a small manufacturing business in Victoria, British Columbia and are interested in working with a supplier based out of Victoria, Hong Kong and need to have a group audio call to learn more about the supplier’s capabilities before scheduling an expensive and time-consuming trip to tour their factory and seal the deal. Now, let’s say that your partner is located in Los Angeles and one of your investors wants to be on the call as well, and she’s currently on vacation in Ireland.

International Conference Call Hong Kong and Canada

A simple phone call is starting to get complicated. After all, it’s a hassle to make international phone calls, and you’re not sure that the toll-free access number with the audio conferencing service you usually use will work internationally. You’re right on both accounts. Fortunately, our international conferencing plan solves both of those problems brilliantly.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

International Conference Call Hong Kong and Canada

Here’s how it works:

  1. It’s a pay-as-you-go global conference calling service with no monthly fees or minimum usage requirements.  This makes it perfect for both low- and high-volume usage scenarios. If you only use the service for this one Hong Kong to Canada conference call, that’s completely up to you and you won’t be penalized for low usage or cancellation.
  2. All participants are given local access numbers specific to their countries including local toll-free access where available. In this example, you’d dial a toll free number for Canada; your supplier would dial a toll free or regular access number local to Victoria, Hong Kong; your partner in Los Angeles would dial a US toll free or local access number in LA; and your investor in Ireland could use the free Connect app to join the call on a mobile phone without incurring international roaming charges.
  3. Host the global conference call at a time that works well for your participants. During the call, you can manage all aspects of it using our live event viewer or key commands. The sound quality is exceptional and carried across modern fiber option telephone networks and not VOIP. Our pay-as-you-go service includes a long list of robust features including MP3 recordings, attendance logs, security tools, and more.
  4. Since it’s a pay-as-you-go service, you’ll pay only for the minutes you and your participants used during your calls. All connections to your conference account are billed to the account owner, the participants do not pay. Our international conference calling rates are extremely competitive. For example, as of this writing, Canada and USA toll-free are both $0.026 per minute 2.6 cents (USD); Hong Kong is $0.09 per minute, and Ireland is $0.12 per minute. A 30-minute global conference call with one participant in each of these four countries would cost you just $7.74.

Our International Conference Call Hong Kong service spans the globe. We have 150 local and toll-free access numbers as well as dial-out options for participants in countries lacking the infrastructure for toll-free support. Whether you’re part of a large enterprise or a small mom and pop, if you need to collaborate internationally, our global conferencing calling plans are for you!

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