Getting Things Done with Canada Conference Calls

You’ll love the crystal clear audio and advanced features — and the ability to communicate with your entire team in a group audio call.

Calgary CanadaOnline collaboration tools, task managers, and social media in the workplace all have their place, helping you to get things done. However, while you may enjoy sharing files, delegating tasks, and firing off quick updates to your team, these tools often fall short when you need to share a lot of information, brainstorm solutions to complex problems, or even ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

In Canada, conference calls can fill in the gaps by bringing your entire team into an affordable group audio call. Below are a few ideas for using Canada conference calls to boost your productivity and get things done.

  • Use group conference calls at the onset of any big project. Communication is crucial so that everyone knows what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s at stake, and what their roles are in ensuring a successful outcome. By hosting a Canada conference call, your entire team, regardless of where in Canada individual members may be, can be brought onboard quickly and simultaneously from the beginning. Since everyone hears the same information directly from the project manager, there should be fewer mixed messages or misinterpretations, too. You can even record your Canada conference calls in case you need to bring in additional team members at a later point in time.
  • Hold frequent team meetings using a Canada conference call. You likely have a favorite project management or team collaboration tool. These can be indispensable in making sure that the work gets broken down, assigned, and completed on time. However, holding weekly group audio calls can help keep the team moving forward. The conversations you have in a conference call can spur new ideas, reinforce the importance or value of the project, and even build team morale. These conference calls provide you with an opportunity to express your appreciation for efforts thus far and provide guidance moving forward. Plan on holding regular, but relatively short, conference calls with your team throughout the project.
  • Use Canada conference calls when communicating with stakeholders. Projects are rarely limited to just the team members working on them. You’ll likely have several key internal and / or external stakeholders who will need regular progress reports. With our affordable Canada conference calling plan, you can host conference calls with participants throughout Canada as well as across the United States. Both local and toll free access numbers are available.
  • Use conference calls to troubleshoot issues. The unexpected is almost always expected, but it can still catch you off guard. Bringing people together in an audio conference is a great way to gather information and solve problems. With our Canada conferencing plans, you can host conference calls on demand, 24/7. There are no reservations required, ensuring that you and all essential participants can quickly come together to solve problems — even if located hundreds, or thousands, of miles away.

Canada conference calls are easy and affordable with our pay-as-you-go conference calling service. You’ll love the crystal clear audio and advanced features — and the ability to communicate with your entire team in a group audio call. Sign up for a conference calling plan today and use it to help you get things done.

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