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Set Up a Canada Virtual Phone Number for Businesses Located in the USA

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Many US businesses serve customers in Canada thanks to the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement and cordial relationships between the neighboring countries. While time zones and toll-free numbers are similar between the two countries, having local numbers for cities across Canada is a good way to establish your business as a desirable, “local” company. Setting up a Canada virtual number takes just minutes. Here’s what you need to know.

What Do We Mean by Canada Virtual Phone Number?

Global virtual phone numbers are a type of remote call forwarding that is specific to cities in countries around the world. They are not tied to a landline or building, but rather reside virtually. You can designate a ring to number (such as your main office or cell phone) as well as change that ring-to number as needed. Thus, you could get a local Toronto phone number for your customers in Ontario, Canada and receive those phone calls in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, or any other location in the United States (or the world for that matter).

To your callers in Canada, the virtual phone number works just like any other Canadian phone number. For those in the number’s local calling area, the call would not have any toll charges associated with it. Those outside the calling area, for example in Victoria dialing a Toronto number, would incur the same toll charges they would when calling another Canadian phone number in the designated city. You can also get a toll free or universal toll free number for Canada if desired.

Benefits of Getting a Canada Virtual Phone Number for Businesses in the US

There are several advantages to setting up a Canada virtual phone number including:

  • You appear more invested in the local community — Having a local prefix makes it appear as though you have a presence in the community. Many customers do not like calling 800 numbers and prefer calling local businesses. Having a virtual Canada phone number allows you to be more accessible to those customers without the expense of setting up shop in cities across Canada.
  • You can control how calls are routed and answered — If your main office in the USA has the capacity, you could set up call forwarding so that all incoming Canadian calls go through the main office. If you use a third-party call center, you could change the ring to number to the call center. Want calls to go to the main office during business hours and to an answering service or voicemail at night? No problem, simply set up “time of day” routing.
  • You can set up an advanced virtual PBX system with extensions — From individual extensions for customer service, shipping and receiving, and billing to recorded information, your Canada virtual phone number doubles as an advanced virtual PBX system.
  • You get fax forwarding, too — Need to receive faxes from people in Canada? There’s no need to order a separate Canada fax number or buy another fax machine. Our virtual Canada phone numbers include fax forwarding to the email address of your choice.
  • And more — Our global virtual phone number plans are loaded with helpful features.
  •  We offer virtual phone numbers for provinces across Canada including British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Québec, and Saskatchewan. Choose from toll-free and regional numbers and give our contract.
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