Call Forwarding Local Number Portability

Virtual International Call Forwarding

Virtual International Call Forwarding

You can use a call forwarding virtual number to ensure that your main phone number always rings to your main office, no matter where your main office may be located in the world.

For example, if you have a business in Hong Kong but later move off the island, you can convert your previous Hong Kong number and continue to receive phone calls from your old Hong Kong phone number.
How do you do this?

By forwarding your old Hong Kong number, (the one you want to keep because everyone knows it) to a number provided by

That new Hong Kong number will then redirect calls from your old Hong Kong number to any phone number worldwide. That’s how to keep your old phone number intact and working.

Simply forward your old phone number to a new virtual number that redirects calls internationally. Most local phone companies of the world will not forward your calls to a number outside of the subscribers country. But aitelephone’s strategy enables keeping your old phone number working and sending you the calls.

Whether you start with a virtual call forwarding local number or convert an existing line, using call forwarding ensures that your previous advertising investments continue to pay off.

Call forwarding can also eliminates the costs associated with printing new business cards, letterhead, and signs because your phone number will always ring to your designated line with a virtual call forwarding number.