Doing Business in Turkey : Add Global Conference Calls to Your List

Istanbul Turkey Bosphorus Mosque Golden HornHome to more than 79 million people (as of July 2015), Turkey is a quickly growing economy driven by industry and service sectors. According to CIA World Factbook, Turkey weathered a severe financial crisis in 2001 and has since undergone major financial reforms. However, it still has its economic weaknesses such as political uncertainty and a high account deficit.

If you’re thinking of doing business in Turkey, you’ll have a long list of tasks including market research, discussions with potential partners, import/export paperwork, and more. One way to facilitate these tasks is through global conference calls. By using global conference calls in Turkey, you may be able to reduce the number of in-country trips, saving you significant amounts of money.

Below are a few ways that Turkey conference calls can be essential as you explore your business expansion options:

  • Using global conference calls for market research — While nothing beats visiting another country in person, market research trips are expensive — and often a whirlwind. Consider following up by holding global conference calls. For example, if you held a focus group with consumers in Turkey to get their opinions about your products and services, consider holding follow-up focus groups via a group audio call. Here you can ask questions you may have missed during the first session as well as follow up after the group has had a few additional weeks to interact with your product.
  • Using an international conference call to gather licensing requirements — Each country has its own business licensing requirements and bureaucratic processes to go through. Gather your business partners and advisors into a group audio call and then conference in local authorities from Turkey to ensure that everyone is clear on what’s required to enter the Turkey market. You can easily do this by first hosting a conference call with your internal partners and then use the moderator dial-out feature to call the appropriate licensing authorities in Turkey.
  • Using Turkey conference calls to negotiate with local partners and suppliers — You’ll likely need local business partners, sales associates, and suppliers located within Turkey. Though you may establish initial contact when visiting the country, it’s not realistic to fly to Turkey for every possible discussion or question. Use Turkey conference calls to hold group discussions between your new partners and your international team.

Our Turkey conference calling plans are an affordable way to connect with participants in Turkey — and around the globe. Your participants in Turkey will dial a toll free Turkish access number to join the call, so there’s no cost to them.

Meanwhile, your other international participants can join the call using either toll free or local access numbers unique to their countries. This is a contract-free, pay-as-you-go global conferencing service that makes group audio calls a snap.

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