Botswana Virtual Numbers Make Perfect Business Sense

Botswana TwilightLocated in the southern portion of the African continent, Botswana is a stable democracy with over two million residents. The nation has two official languages: English and Tswana. Botswana’s economy is largely powered by the mining industry with gemstones and precious minerals in abundance. Large deposits of uranium were recently discovered.

Whether you’re in the mining, tourism, manufacturing, or services industry, if you do business with partners and customers in Botswana, you may find it advantageous to get Botswana virtual numbers to facilitate international communications.

What is a Botswana Virtual Number?

A Botswana virtual number is virtual in the sense that it is not physically tied to any given location or phone. When you order a virtual number, you will be prompted to select the “ring to” number, which is the number where any incoming calls will be forwarded to.

For example, if you set your Botswana virtual number to ring to your office in New York City, that’s where all of your calls from Botswana will ring.

It’s important to note that your Botswana virtual number looks and acts like any other toll free number in Botswana. Your callers within Botswana will not need to do anything special in order to reach your New York office. There are no Botswana exit codes or USA country codes to figure out and enter, and there are no worries about dialing a foreign country. In fact, your Botswana callers may not even realize that their phone calls are being answered on the other side of the Atlantic.

Because your number is virtual, you can also change its ring to number as needed. For example, if you’d rather have your London office handle all incoming calls from Botswana, you could change your ring to number to your London office’s number.

Our Botswana virtual numbers come with all kinds of features that you can use to get the most out of your service including:

  • Time of day routing
  • Optional call recording
  • Local ringtones
  • Forward-fax
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Customized greeting and voicemail
  • Advanced voice response system
  • And much more

Month-to-month Botswana virtual number plans are available, all without contracts.

Why Use a Botswana Virtual Number?

We can think of many reasons to use a Botswana virtual number. Below are just a few:

  • Provide customers with a toll free means of reaching your main office or customer service center
  • Establish a local presence in Botswana without the expense of setting up a satellite office
  • Create a 24-hour toll free hotline
  • Centralize your customer service or tech support operations

How are you using international virtual numbers in your business?

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