Recording International Conference Calls Future Reference Benefits

Recording international conference calls gives you options, and it’s generally a simple matter of clicking a button in your account dashboard.

Recording International Conference Calls Benefits

Recording International Conference Calls BenefitsRecording international conference calls

Holding an international teleconference is a cost-effective way to communicate with a global audience. However, if you’re not recording your calls, you could be missing out on even more benefits including:

  • After-the-fact Replays – For example, holding an international conference call involves a great deal of coordination from a timing perspective. After all, the call may be held in the middle of the night for some participants and you want to avoid that if at all possible. Even if you manage to schedule the call at a convenient time for most of your attendees, schedule conflicts inevitably occur and many potential attendees will have other obligations. Recording your international conference call allows participants who missed the live call to listen in to your teleconference after the fact.
  • Future Training Sessions – Depending on the nature of the international conference call, you may want to use portions of the call in the future as part of your training program. For example, if the CEO of your company gives an in-depth overview of the company’s history and direction during the phone call, you may want to share that portion of the recording with new hires during their orientation training. Likewise, if you use your an international conference call as a platform for virtual workshops and seminars, these recordings can be used over and over to train or inspire your employees.
  • Potential Revenue Streams – Many entrepreneurs, business coaches, motivational speakers, and marketing professionals use international conference call recordings to generate revenue. For instance, some host a free conference call at which point they interview experts or deliver an educational presentation. They record the call and then later package and sell it as an audio course.
  • Transcriptions for Text-based Content – Another option is to record the international conference call and have it transcribed. From there, you can use the transcription as meeting minutes (thereby saving one of your participants from having to take minutes in person) or use excerpts of the discussion in your company newsletter if appropriate. If your international conference call featured an interview with a well-known authority, you could use an excerpt from the interview in your blog or other suitable publication. Hence the importance of recording international conference calls

Recording international conference calls gives you options, and it’s generally a simple matter of clicking a button in your account dashboard. How will you use your next teleconference recording?

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