Benefits of hosting meetings using international conference calls


Benefits of hosting meetings using international conference calls
Hosting international conference calls

International conference calling is a much less expensive venuw for conducting a business meeting in comparison to holding face-to-face meetings. Consider the money spent on international airline travel, hotels, travel in taxis and outside meals plus time away from the office for all involved.  All for a meeting that could have been easily accomplished through a conference call.

Of course, sometimes a face-to-face meeting cannot be avoided.  But reports from customer suggest that ‘many’ of their important meetings can be handled via an international conference call using a telephone and also sharing documents through the Web.

As per the estimates of the American Express Bank’s Global Business Travel Index of 2010, the approximate average cost of international business travel is about US $ 3,000/- plus some other small expenses usually involved in long distance traveling. If we consider this figure and take an example of a small business meeting of just 4 people, the total cost will be in excess of about US $ 12,000/-.

Just consider the case of a large company where international business meetings are very frequent, with lots of participants from different countries. The total costs will not be in thousands but could be in tens of thousands of dollars.

In comparison, the cost of international conference calling will just have the costs of call usage per minute per participant. The call rates may vary as per the call rates in different countries to which each participant belongs to. But all the extra costs in terms of time and money such as round trip airfare, hotel rooms cost, meals cots, transportation, etc will be completely eliminated.

Hence, before embarking on your next international business meeting, consider using an international conference call and the benefits of hosting meetings using international conference calls.

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  2. You read my mind! You seem to know a lot about international conference calling,
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  3. A wonderful article!! Very true that with international conference calls we can cut down the huge expense of face to face biz meetings, esp if the candidates are far from each other. Every company can benefit from this information. I wanted to know about this topic and your blog answered many questions.

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