Benefits of Call Forwarding Faxes

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The Benefits of Call Forwarding Faxes

Tired of buying, paper, toner, or ink cartridges for your fax machine? Tired of yet another piece of office equipment taking up valuable desk space in your office? What about the hassles of maintaining and paying for an extra phone line for a clunky fax machine that rarely gets used?

Though email and document sharing sites have decreased the business world’s reliance on fax machines, they aren’t completely obsolete. Some businesses rely on them, making it necessary for other businesses to be able to receive faxes.

Whether you receive one fax a year or one hundred thousand of them, consider getting a call forward fax number. Call forwarding faxes allows you to receive faxes as PDF attachments that you can view and save on your computer. As you can imagine, this is extremely beneficial. Note, however, that local, toll free, and international fax call forwarding does not provide you with a way to send faxes to others. If you rarely need to fax documents to other people and want a convenient way to receive faxes, fax call forwarding is the perfect solution.

What to Expect With Call Forwarding Faxes

  • No fax machine required – Set up a toll free fax forwarding number or a local call forwarding fax number and configure it to forward incoming faxes to your inbox. There’s no need to purchase or maintain a fax machine.
  • Reduced faxing costs – Not only is it not necessary to purchase a fax machine, there’s no need to pay for a separate phone line for your incoming faxes. With fax forwarding, you pay for usage.
  • Eco-friendly choice – Since fax forwarding routes your incoming faxes to your inbox, you decide which faxes, if any, to print. All of your incoming faxes appear as PDF documents that you can read on your computer. In many cases, faxes are informational and do not need to be printed. In other cases, you can annotate PDFs, save them to your computer, and forward them as email attachments. By choosing fax forwarding, you can use less paper, toner, and ink.
  • Archived faxes – It’s not necessarily practical to file every single fax that comes through your office fax machine. However, it is easy to save PDF file attachments. If you want to keep an archive of your received faxes, doing so is as simple as clicking “Save as.” In addition, you can retrieve your received faxes after the fact via your online fax forwarding dashboard.
  • More desk space – While fax machines aren’t necessarily huge, they do take up some space as do their supplies. Moving to a fax forwarding solution allows you to reduce the clutter in your office.

Fax call forwarding plans allow you to receive international and local faxes with ease. Instead of receiving faxes on a fax machine, have them routed to your inbox as PDF documents. Fax call forwarding saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint, and frees up office space. Plus, all of your received documents can be archived for future reference.

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