Automate International Conference Call Dialing | How and Why

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It’s not unusual to collaborate in international conference calls with the same participants on a regular basis. While it’s easy enough for everyone to join your global calls at the appointed time, some may forget. Likewise, if a crisis comes up, you may want to hold a global conference call on demand. Whether you’re part of a small virtual team or a large organization, using an automated dialing system to bring everyone together into the call is a convenient option.

Our international conferencing plans include a unique feature that lets you do just that. It’s called UBlast, and it’s a free feature of our Legacy plan (though you must activate the feature). Here’s what you need to know.

Activate the free UBlast feature. Call our customer service center and we’ll be happy to arrange Automate International Conference Call Dialing up for you.  View details about UBlast here.

Set up your dial-out list. In order to dial your contacts, the system needs to know their names and their phone numbers. You can enter up to 50 contacts and numbers to your dial-out list. Your list can contain both domestic and international contact numbers. Thus, if you need to host an international conference call with participants in USA, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Brazil, you can quickly initiate the audio conference with your dial-out list. The system will dial and join everyone on your behalf.

Learn the commands. This feature is easy to use. You’ll first dial your access number as usual and enter your passcode. Next, enter *92. That’s it! The system will dial out to everyone in your list and join them into your international conference call.

Why Automate International Conference Call Dialing?

There’s no right or wrong way to host an international conference call. However, there are times when it’s helpful to automate the process such as:

Group collaboration calls — You’ve likely encountered your fair share of meetings and conference calls where participants arrive late or forget about the event altogether. By using the automatic dial-out feature, you can ensure that everyone’s phone rings at the appointed time. This eliminates the problem of latecomers and absentee participants.

On-demand group calls — On-demand conference calls can be challenging in that you need a way to let participants know that you are having a conference call. You could send a group email, but you’re relying on your participants to get the email right away and then take action on it by joining your call. What if they don’t check their email messages in real time?

You could call everyone and let them know you’re having a conference call in 5 minutes, but that’s time-consuming and tedious. Starting the conference and auto-dialing participants is faster and easier.

If you want another convenient dialing option for your international conference calls, contact us today to activate this unique feature.

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